Our Story

Since we discovered the joys of silk ourselves, we like nothing more than introducing others to this incredible fibre and its benefits. It's amazing to us that you can wear and sleep in a fibre spun by a little caterpillar. We feel it's time for the modern world to re-discover this ancient fabric. Not just the privilege of royalty any more, you can now enjoy silk in your everyday life. Yes it's luxurious, but it is also very practical, being hard wearing and versatile. One silk top will take you from searing heat outdoors to the airconditioned cool indoors, from backpacking to dinner out, from the office to a yoga class. What a perfect blend of form and function it is!


You and your silk items enjoy a harmonious relationship because silk is a natural fibre. Silk is still grown in the traditional way using techniques perfected over thousands of years. We do not add any treatments to improve anti-static, flame retardance, wash-and-wear or anti-bacterial properties because silk is already naturally endowed with these properties. It's all natural baby!


With a strong focus on research and development, we have developed a range of fabrics that breathe new life into this ancient and special fibre. The result is a unique and practical combination of old world and new: fabrics in silk and natural fibre blends that offer all the technical advantages of contemporary fabrics while retaining silk’s natural elements of luxury and style.

Where we started

Father and daughter team, David and Emily Cooper, began their business selling their Silksak silk sleeping bag liners in 1995 in New Zealand. The properties of silk that made the Silksak such a wonderful product for travelling (warm and cool as required, quick-drying and lightweight) got them to thinking about other silk items they could add to their range. Emily's degree in Clothing and Textile Science was a further catalyst. Silk sheets and blankets came next, then, in 2002, they launched their first Silkbody silk clothing items. Since then, Silkbody has matured into a broad offering of clothing for women and men and is sold all around the world, firstly through a network of distributors and now through the wonders of the internet. Silkbaby clothing for little ones has been a more recent addition. The Silkliving site you are shopping on now is the latest incarnation, where all our silk brands are brought together into one premium online experience.

Silkliving is now owned and run by Laurian Godwin.

The Benefits of Silk

Silk helps you maintain a natural balance between your body and the outside world. Silk's protein fibres warm naturally to your body’s temperature and provide a protective layer, trapping warm air like a fine second skin. Wearing silk helps you adapt to external climate fluctuations with its natural breathability and moisture management.

Silk is exothermic, releasing energy as heat when absorbing moisture. This means your silk is warm even when wet.

Silk is one of the safest fibres you can have next to your skin. Where synthetics melt, silk burns to harmless ash. It is even more heat resistant than wool, decomposing at a temperature of around 170 degreesC.

Climate control: Silk keeps your skin dry because the hygroscopic silk fibre will absorb one third its own weight in water without feeling damp. The absorbed moisture is evaporated into the environment or absorbed by outer clothing layers. Silk will dry very fast, on or off the body.

A single silk fibre has a tensile strength equal to steel wire of the same diameter. Silk fabrics are very strong and durable, they will not go into holes or rip easily.


Silk was first discovered in China over 5000 years ago. The secret of silk was closely guarded for thousands of years. Legend has it that two monks were sent by Rome to smuggle back silkworm eggs in their hollow canes, and so the secret of silk was revealed.

2000 years later we reveal the forgotten secret once more...