Silkspun Wrap

$86.09 NZD

Silkbaby's beautiful baby wrap is designed for snugly swaddling newborns. The fabric is warm but lightweight and the stretch knit ensures a nice firm wrap that baby can't wriggle out of easily.

With silk's natural temperature regulation, baby won't overheat or cool down. This can also be used as a gorgeous little blanket. Generous size 80 x 80cm. Finished with piped binding around the edge.

  • 72% silk, 13% merino, 15% cotton (SILKSPUN)
  • Machine washable using a delicates/wool detergent. See our Washing Guidelines for more information
  • Designed in New Zealand
Colour: Copenhagen, Size: 000 (0-3 months)

Each Silkbaby item comes packaged in a delightful natural card box


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