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There are many reasons why Silkbody is the traveller’s friend. Whether you’re looking for something to make you comfortable as you stretch out in first class, or something to keep you feeling fresh between exotic destinations, Silkbody is the ideal companion.

These breathable, lightweight layers in our unique silk/merino/cotton blend are perfect for hot temperatures and offer a surprising amount of warmth when required. You can be confident of comfort in a range of climates.

Silkbody can be quickly washed and dried overnight. With natural odour resistance, you won’t have to do this very often! Silkbody also packs away small for minimal luggage so you can travel light. Happy travels!

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The Silkspun Wrap Scarf

The Wrap Scarf is arguably the most versatile travel item we have. Use it as a shawl for the evenings, a scarf for the day time, and a blanket for the plane - it's generous enough in size to wrap yourself in whilst travelling (220 x 60cm) but light around the neck between times.

The Silkspun Sleeveless Dress

The Sleeveless Dress is one of those chameleon items that molds itself to many uses. Layer it up for more coverage in cooler climes, or wear it down to the beach with your sandals then swap them for heels for an easy transition to night. It is as suitable in the transit lounge as in a Paris restaurant. Plus, the Sleeveless Dress has all the usual Silkbody traits that make it the perfect travel dress - light, fast drying and comfortable.

The Silkspun V-Neck Cardigan

The perfect cover-up layer, the Cardigan is a great travel companion. Wear it as a light, warm layer one day, wash that night and, like all of our products, it will dry overnight and be ready to go the following day. That is, if you need to wash it at all! (Silk is naturally odour-resistant.) This allows you not only to pack light (silk is very light after all) but also pack less.

If you’re planning a sojourn make sure you have room in your bag for at least one of our essentials. We’re sure you’ll find them indispensable. First orders get 5% off!