Our biggest news in 16 years

It is with excitement that we introduce an upcoming change of ownership here. We're doing better than ever. Now, after 16 years, it's time to take it to the next level. So we are handing the baton over.

It is thanks only to you, our most amazing customers, that we are where we are today. We've so enjoyed getting to know so many of you, hearing about your adventures and life events and even everyday events! We are very proud of what we have built, with your support.

We are happy to advise that business will continue as usual, with the same wonderful products and excellent customer service we have established here in New Zealand. The base will shift from Waikouaiti to Wellington in April.

The SilkStatus programme and the website will remain the same (inlcuding your SilkStatus level and order history) - please be assured that nothing will change there.

Our official press release follows:

Founders exit Silkbody as online model proves winner

The father and daughter team behind silk clothing brand Silkbody will step down from the business next month as they hand over the reins to a Wellington buyer. The business is currently based in Waikouaiti, Dunedin, and will shift operations to Wellington in April. The 16 year-old brand is known for its lifestyle clothing in silk and silk blends.

Designer and director Emily Cooper says "We have been enjoying significant growth over the last three years and felt it needed a fresh approach to manage this growth and really take it to the next level. It is the right time to hand the baton over. We're excited for this next phase for the brand."

The New Zealand Fashion Museum describes Silkbody as "an example of a thriving fashion enterprise - utilising New Zealand design and marketing skills and off-shore production - in the post-protectionist environment. It is also proof positive that you don't need bells and whistles to produce a successful clothing label. Silkbody specialises in the classic wardrobe fashion essentials most directional designers are too busy to bother about."

Silkbody's business model changed around four years ago as David and Emily shifted from a traditional distribution model of selling to retailers, to selling almost exclusively online, direct to customers through their own ecommerce sites and the Amazon marketplace. More than half its sales are exports to customers in the Europe, USA and Australia. They believe there is great potential to develop this business model, which they say is much more efficient and profitable, especially for small businesses.

New owners Laurian and Darryl Godwin are excited about relocating the business to Wellington with its burgeoning creative fashion scene. Although the business model will remain predominantly online sales, they look forward to establishing a small retail presence in the creative capital.

“Of course we are drawn by the gorgeous product Emily and David have created. We’re also excited about the ecological sustainability of silk, and what this means for the planet on a go-forward basis” says Laurian.

Following the handover, David will retire and Emily will focus on other opportunities and personal projects.

"We would like to thank all those people that have believed in us and helped us to develop the Silkbody, Silkbaby, Silksak and Silkliving brands and bring them to the world." says Emily.

Emily and David with new owner Laurian

Emily Cooper, left, and David Cooper, right, with new owner Laurian Godwin, centre


I’m a very new customer, and looking forward to enjoying more Silkbody/baby products, still from New Zealand. All the best for your new endeavours Emma and David, seems you have already left a fantastic legacy!

Thank you Emily and David for all of the fabulous items of clothing and for looking after me all of these years. Best wishes for your future endeavours. Bev

I am so excited to see Laurian and Darryl taking over this gorgeous company. They are a wonderful couple with massive skills and vision. Silkbody will remain in good hands. Congratulations to everyone involved in this beautiful venture and future adventure!

I pray you both enjoy retirement. Please leave with the knowledge that your wonderful products are providing years of enjoyment to those of us blessed to have found you online. Not one item has yet worn out despite years of use. (I admit being careful in washing and line drying). It has been a pleasure working with you David as you have given valuable assistance and assurance over the years. Sincerely, Joy L. Stone, M. D.

Wow! I have always enjoyed dealing with David and Emma, customer service always 100% plus. Silkbody will not be the same without you two. Congratulations on 16 years of a great product. Enjoy retirement, David. All the best for your new adventures Emma. Colleen

I’m sorry that your business won’t be still down here in Dunedin, but glad you’ve found a good buyer to go forward with it. You’ve created an amazing product – I can’t praise Silkbody clothing too highly. All the best for your next adventures!

My very best wishes to you both for a happy retirement David, and prosperous future Emily. Thank you for your excellent service in the past and I look forward to Silkbody coming to Wellington.

Thank you for the wonderful products and service. Best wishes for your futures, Emily and David.

Good luck Laurian and Darryl – lucky Wellington!

All the best to Emma and David on their next adventures. I look forward to Silk Living’s new chapter with Laurian and Darryl. Best wishes to everyone.

Good that Silkbody is to still be in N Z hands.
I have lots of silkbody because I love the quality .
Will probably get more.
Enjoy retirement, David.
I will look forward to visiting the new shop in Wellington. Best wishes for the future

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