How to wear Fuchsia and Sage

Spring surrounds us with vibrant and luscious colour which is always a welcome and hopeful respite after the bleaker winter days and the temptation to reflect our internal optimism with our wardrobe choices is calling. So out come what brighter hues we have tucked away in the closet. However if you’re anything like me, you tend to fall back on pairing your cheerful colours with ever-reliable black. It always seems the safe option and less likely to result in looking like you’ve had a run in with a fruit salad - a wild combination of colours that, while bright, may not be the look you’re after!

But you don’t always have to play it safe when putting colours together. Colours can work together to form classic and elegant combinations and are often more subtle than the stark contrast of colours with black. Two of our freshest Silkbody spring colours - Fuchsia and Sage - can be used in a variety of ways together with other colours for a range of uplifting and beautiful combinations. Let’s look at a few options.


Fuchsia, as it is such a stunning colour on its own, does do well with dark shades (like black) but you can add variety by pairing it with Silver or White. These will add a lighter and sunnier look to your wardrobe.

Navy is a flattering shade for most complexions and can be paired with most colours. The Fuchsia will still ‘pop’ against it but it adds a softer look.

If you’re really wanting to make a colour statement, Fuchsia paired with Ocean or Citrus will have you turning heads.

 Silkbody Silkspun Longline Cardigan in Fuchsia and Silkbody Silkspun Long Sleeve Simple Dress in Navy

Silkbody Silkspun Short Sleeve Dress in Fuchsia and Silkbody Silkspun Short Sleeve Cardigan in Silver

Silkbody Silkspun Short Drape Cardigan in Fuchsia and Silkbody Silkspun 3/4 Sleeve Scoop in Citrus



Sage is a more subtle colour than Fuchsia so can be paired with colours that make it the ‘hero’ or used to make other hues stand out.

As with Fuchsia, Navy is a great partner for Sage. This is an elegant version of the classic green and blue combination.

Shell Pink makes a beautiful and delicate colour combination when used with Sage. Together they bring brightness to an outfit in a more subtle way than some other combinations.

And of course, Sage and Fuchsia can be paired for a truly spring-like colour combination!

 Silkbody Silkspun Sleeveless Dress in Sage and Silkbody Silkspun Cardigan in Navy

Silkbody Silkspun Wrap Skirt in Sage and Silkbody Silkspun 3/4 Sleeve Scoop in Shell Pink

Silkbody Silkspun Short Drape Cardigan in Sage and Silkbody Silkspun Sleeveless Crew in Damson


Take a step away from the safety of black and embrace the spring feeling with a good dose of colour.


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