A new concept - living in silk!

The Silkbody shop in Waikouaiti

A change in scenery is good for the soul and can bring about all kinds of ruminations on life. It was just such a change that prompted us to establish a new concept for our established online presence. We opened a proper shop! Having moved our business closer to home (literally three minutes' bike ride) in Waikouaiti and set up in the historic drapery store, we thought it was time we refreshed our online store too. The Waikouaiti shop is a lovely opportunity to showcase our brands in a visual way, creating window displays for all the aspects of "living in silk" that we cover. So this new website, Silkliving.com, is a way for us to translate our displays to online. We are looking forward to showing you all the many ways that you can utilise silk in your everyday life - and why you should!


These products are fabulous. I am allergic to wool at really don’t like poly thermals. So silk was my best option. They feel great and fit beautifully under all sorts of layers. Warm? I wore the leggings under ski pants in Antarctica and was cosy and comfy. The tops I bought are probably considered underwear but they don’t look it so I wore them on the ship. Warm with outer layers but cool when worn on its own down on the lower decks. Just add bling. They never smell and you can wash them easily by hand after wearing for a couple of days and dry in the shower really quickly They’re light to pack and wear. You really get a lot of bang for your buck with these products. I never leave home without at least a couple of them. David and Emily are very helpful and I had all sorts of challenges in getting the packages. Note don’t try to post them into Argentina. Hilarious story but David helped me out and I got them eventually. I’m hooked ?

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